Early Sayings of Cami

Cami (born 2010)


Nov 27
Camden: I think I'm getting better... I don't have garbage bags under my eyes anymore.

Jan 3
Camden: Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb! Mary had a little lamb, his lion was a lamb.
Austin: Do you know the real words?
Camden: No.
Austin: "His fleece was white as snow"... Do you know what fleece is?
Camden: Yeah, the little bugs in pets fur.


Oct 23
Putting Camden down for nap...
Camden: What time I am the allowed to get up?
Janae: I'm not sure... It was a pretty busy day.
Camden: How about 3:70?
Janae: Sure.

Oct 17
Cami was playing the bowed psaltry on the sharped notes (a pentatonic sound).
Cami: Grampi, I’m playing Canadian music!

May 29
In the car:
Camden: I have to go potty!
Janae: We will be home in 5 min. Can you hold it?
Camden: It depends. You have different versions of "5 minutes".
Janae: What do you mean?
Camden: Well, 'time out for 5 minutes' takes a long time. But when we're at the pool and you say '5 more minutes' it's a really short time.

May 17
Janae was getting ready to take a shower and both kids came into her room...
Camden: We want to take a shower too!
Janae: No, I need 10 minutes of peace and quiet.
Camden: How long did you sleep last night?
Janae: About 8 hours
Camden: Is that longer than 10 minutes?
Janae: Yes.
Camden: Then you've already had enough peace and quiet today.

May 5
Janae was in a hurry to get out the door one morning. They had to leave at 7:30 - much earlier than the kids were used to. They got in the car and Camden was looking at herself in the rear view mirror and touching her eyes.
Camden: What are these lines?
Janae: Those are called "bags under your eyes"... It means you need more sleep.
Camden: Well, I don't like it at all. It makes me look old and wrinkly like Grandma Turner.

Jan 28
From the backseat of the car...
Camden: Brother has boogers on his nose.
Janae handed Camden a tissue.
Camden: I can't reach his nose!
Janae: Give it to him and tell him how to do it.
Camden: Bubba, wipe your nose. A little more. Now wipe your cheek. No! The other cheek. Okay now you need to wipe both cheeks. Now wipe your eye. Wipe your nose again. Mom, I think he's going to need another tissue.

Jan 5, 2015
Austin and Janae went out without the kids. When Janae got the kids afterwards in the car:
Janae: So what did you do tonight?
Camden: We sang a song, then we read a bunch of books, and we sang some more songs. And then we fight, and fight some more. And whoever is still standing wins. Whoever falls down loses.


Nov 20
Levi: Where is your farter?
Camden: He is at work.
Levi: How did he get at work?
Camden: He drove
Levi: Does it stink?
Camden: No! my father does not stink!
Levi: Well, my farts stink... I dont know why yours don't stink...

Nov 20
Camden: Uh... Levi, you tooted.
Levi: No I didn't, I farted.
Camden: No. I smell it... you tooted.
Levi: What is tooted?
Camden: You toot when you tooted. Its a toot. Like a toot.
Levi: I didn't do that... I farted.
Camden: No Levi... you tooted. Not farted.
Levi: I farted again.

June 6
Elias just woke up, and was fussing from his crib...
Janae: Camden, can you play with Eli for a couple minutes while I start a load of laundry?
Camden: Yes!
Janae was in the other room when Eli started SCREAMING.
Camden: Mom, he doesn’t like it when I scare him...

May 29
They are in the car, Janae is driving... Camden is looking sleepy in the back seat with her head cocked to one side.
Janae: Camden, are you getting tired?
Camden: No, I just want to be beautiful. And when I put my head to the side like this, it makes me beautiful.

May 21
Janae: Camden, are you getting sleepy?
Camden: No.
Janae: Your eyes look tired
Camden: No... They are silly. They don't know what they are talking about... Because they don't talk.

May 20
Camden: Mom, when is my friend going to be here?
Janae: In about an hour.
Camden: But how many minutes?
Janae: No minutes... just an hour.
Camden: Mom, I know that an hour is 60min... next time just say 60minutes.

May 12
Camden is playing with a balloon in the back yard, throwing it up in the air. A jet airplane goes over.
Cami: I can't throw it up in the air right now because the airplane might pop it.

Mar 31
Camden was being as quiet as a mouse in the backseat...
Janae: Are you tired?
Camden: Mom, just because I'm not taking, it doesn't mean I'm tired. I just have nothing to say.

Mar 6
Janae: What do you want for lunch?
Camden: I don't know.
Janae: Well, what do you like?
Camden: Cats, gum, pennies, lotion, giraffes, crayons...

Feb 17
Camden just saw a little boy with a mullet…
Camden: Boys are not supposed to have girl hair mom... and its not cut right either.

Feb 6
Looking at cars going the other way...
Camden: Why are those cars not moving?
Janae: It's called traffic.
Camden: Why is the traffic not moving?
Austin: Isn't that a great question?
Camden: Is it because there are too many cars?


Dec 5
Camden: No no Elias! That's mine!
Janae: Then move it away from him!
Camden: I did! But he got it again!
Janae: Well, that's what happens when little brothers start to crawl.
Camden: Can you tie his hands so he can't crawl anymore?

Oct 22
Janae took delivery of an energetic kitten. Cami was playing with her, then came to Janae.
Cami: She scratched me Mom.
Janae: I'm sorry; I'll cut her toenails.
Cami (scrunching her nose up): Can you cut her teeth too?

Oct 18
Janae: Let's go grocery shopping.
Cami: No. I don't want to go anywhere today.
Janae: (as Eli turns and looks at her) See Cami? Eli is saying "Lets go to the store!"
Cami: No... Babies don't talk!
Janae: Well, that's what he's thinking then.
Cami: Boys can't think! Their heads are too small to think!

Oct 3
Janae was cleaning up a very large Eli diaper mess. (He was 3 mo old.):
Cami: My poop is brown... Why is Eli's yellow? Yellow is for the sun... That is NOT the sun!

Oct 2
Cami: I have a big tummy... I'm going to have a baby now.
Janae: No... Not until you get bigger and older.
Cami: I am bigger now! I can reach the candy that you hide from me! I am almost as tall as you!

Sept 18
Elias was crying in the back seat, and it escalated to the extreme cry that he had only done a couple times.
Cami: His other cries are all gone. He has new cries now. It's the louder kind.

Sept 4
Janae was sitting on the couch nursing Elias. Camden was sitting next to her because she wanted to cuddle. Elias started kicking her while nursing.
Cami: Mom! He's kicking me!
Janae: Scoot over a little until I'm done nursing.
Cami: If I sit on his feet he won't kick me. It won't hurt him. I promise.

April 9
Cami (saying goodbye after dinner): I'm so sorry, I have to go home now.

Jan 9
Janae: what do you want for lunch?
Cami: I don't want lunch sweetie pie.
Janae: My name is mom, not sweetie pie... You call me mom.
Cami: I'm sweetie pie?
Janae: Yes... You are sweetie pie.
Cami: I'll call you sweetie pie after lunch then.