Is Christianity exclusive?

2024 Feb 26

Is Christianity exclusive? Maybe.

Christianity is very inclusive because it includes all people and all ethnicities and all cultures.

However, what is distinctive about Christianity is what it offers. The promise of Christianity is a relationship with the God represented by Jesus.

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Kayaking trips 2024

2024 Jan 21

Mukilteo-Whidbey, Jan 21

  • 12 mi between Mukilteo and Whidbey Island

My plan was to cross to Whidbey and catch the (free) ferry back. There was light rain the whole trip.

Late afternoon from Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, I paddled over to the ferry being loaded and crossed its parked wake; it was full of interesting squirrelly eddies. A crewman from the bridge stayed outside observing me before the boat left. Afterward, I saw a harbor seal feasting on a fish, flipping it up as it ate, in silhouette only the head and bones remaining.

Crossed SW to the tip of Whidbey. Above the clouds, the sun was setting with yellow brightness and it converted the water into golden moving sand. Looking back (NE), it was icy gray, with a rainbow. The sky was a gradient between the two with some tiny spots of blue.

The crossing was good practice for keeping a course against angled rollers and wind. It was mostly dark when I reached the island tip. However, light from the mainland reflecting from the clouds never allowed real darkness. Heading toward the Whidbey ferry, the shoreline was kind of boring in the shadows, but the house lights were interesting.

A ferry was leaving just before I got to the ferry dock. I estimated it would take longer to wait for the next ferry than cross on my own (turned out pretty true), so I turned east. Against the Whidbey shoreline, there had been no wind, however, a stiff wind was against me all the way to the mainland beach. It was good exercise and good technique practice. Tired and yawning on the way home.

a triangle across Possession Sound