Cello Recital - Cavatina - after a rainy day walk

2023 Nov 4

This morning there was thunder and lightning and rain! It was coming down as hard as I had seen it here. So, I did the only logical thing - I put on my kayaking dry suit and went for a walk in the woods by home!   :-D

The rain made a patter everywhere on the fallen leaves. At one spot there is a ditch which is usually dry, but today it was a vigorous stream.

standing in the woods by a stream

In about an hour the rain had stopped and we even had a bit of sunshine. Interesting weather!

In the evening I had a good cello recital. I played Cavatina by J. Raff.

playing cello and piano accompanist to side

I really enjoy this piece because it has a lovely melody, and I like that it covers the full range of the instrument. The piece had some parts in it that were challenging, but I put in the practice work and brought my performance up so that usually I played it how I wanted it to be.

However, I have also learned that my performance in a recital is never as good as my best run in practice. I suppose that is to be expected. I do always hope though that my performance is not so poor as to be disappointing. In this case, though, I was happy with the performance.

Audio of Larry with piano accompaniment: (headphones recommended)

Cavatina (J. Raff)

Afterwards a number of people came up and complemented me. Getting such a complement can feel strange because that had never been my goal for the performance. I also know the mistakes I had made, and I know that the performance didn't wasn't quite the best that I had envisioned. But I also know that I myself enjoyed the music as I played it; so, if they enjoyed it as well I was grateful!