Hudson's Stay with Us

2023 Jul 2

While Bethany had been in Firefighters Academy, we took care of their dog Hudson. Bethany's academy was intense and so keeping Hudson made Andrew & Bethany's life a bit easier.

We have a significant wooded area very near our house which has a good collection of trails. I had gotten into a habit of walking Hudson there in the morning for his "constitutional". This day (earlier in the year) it was snowing and melting as it landed.

out walking Hudson in snowy rain

I have really come to appreciate the effectiveness of wool clothing for inclement weather, and this day especially showed how well it works. I was completely warm and comfortable without a rain shell (and so was Hudson).


Hudson will soon go home; Andrew has been missing him and Bethany's academy training is finished.

Andrew's family with Hudson

Hudson is an interesting contrast of size against Melanie's little dog Bella. Hudson is 100 lbs and Bella is about 5 lbs. She is smaller than just his head. However, recently we were comparing the sizes of their eyes and decided that her eyes were only about 1/2 the size of his!

Hudson on floor in front of my chair, I'm reading

Hudson is a sweet easy-going dog. Of course he likes to sleep, and being a big guy he spreads out on the floor.



A couple of weeks later we took care of Austin & Janae's dogs for a few days. Like Hudson, Morris & Lady are big dogs. Lady is relaxed, but Morris is high-strung.

Morris a bull dog that complains often and regularly!   :-)   He huffs, harumphs, groans and vocalizes. Interestingly he seemed to calm when he went into his kennel. Maybe he just wanted to get back home again.