Alan Starts at Philips

2007 May 21

I talked with some of the mechanical engineering guys at work about what opportunity there might be for Alan to work the summer at Philips. Alan submitted his resume and dropped by to talk with some of them informally when he was here during his Spring Break. After he got back from school, they invited him in for an interview. And then they offered him a summer internship position. He started today.

It was interesting to see what paperwork he had to go through. I have been at Philips for 20 years now. (Originally it was ATL which was bought by Philips.) So it has been a long time since I have seen the starting-employment routine. I am certain that I didn't go through some of the things they had him sign for (e.g. background check authorization, etc).

It is pretty cool to go in to work with your son. However there are occasional transportation issues to consider. For instance, I have a few more classes to complete yet. So tomorrow I leave from work early - before Alan is done.