My Last Class

2007 Apr 12

I have started my last UWB class: Multimedia and Signal Computing! And I am scheduled to graduate in June!

I am definitely getting tired of taking classes. I don't know if it is because the end is so close or if it is because I haven't had a break between quarters like usual before.

I think the class content will be interesting. Some of it involves math that I haven't used in a very long time, so I feel the mental rust. Other parts are very familiar. Sometimes the two parts occur in the same lecture! So I am sitting back and relaxing some times and other times I am taking careful notes.

Most of my previous classes I have not owned a laptop computer. Now that I have one, I am taking it to all the classes (even though I am taking my notes on paper this quarter). I might use it to look up more detail on Wikipedia or through Google when the material of the moment is not too difficult. To me, it adds quite a bit of interest to the lecture.